Taxpayers with income tax problems or back tax problems can get the help they need by contating our tax professionals. Get income tax help today.
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    Community Tax Relief begins each case with an investigation of a client's IRS or State tax problems and an in-depth analysis both financial and tax records.
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    Our tax experts negotiate on your behalf to resolve your income tax problems and help you achieve the tax compliance you need.
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    Community Tax Relief's experts help you with your IRS and State tax problems with personal care and attention you deserve during your financial stress.
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    Pay less upfront and get more tax help than you thought possible!
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    Community Tax Relief does not add fees and costs to client cases and you will be informed of any additional costs well ahead of time.
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Income Tax Problem?

Taxpayers with income tax problems can call a professional tax company for instant assistance. Many individuals can end up owing the IRS back tax debt through circumstances out of their control, like estate transfer or foreclosure.  It’s important to note that the IRS will not stop trying to collect a tax debt unless you take steps to become compliant by entering into a tax settlement, pay off the debt completely or are granted Currently Non Collectible Status by the government and have proven you are in financial hardship.

Taxpayers with back tax problems benefit from hiring a professional tax company.  Tax professionals are not unlike medical professionals, in that individuals can help themselves when they have severe problems, but hiring a professional lessens the pain and helps to ensure that the damage does not spread.  A professional tax company will work with you to understand your entire financial situation.

The tax professionals begin with a thorough financial investigation.  By understanding your back tax problem, the tax experts will be able to determine if you are eligible for a tax settlement.  A financial investigation includes requesting information from the IRS for a client’s master file, and requesting information from the individual.  Using both sources of financial documentation, your income tax problem will no longer be a mystery.  A tax professional will know what to do with your case to provide the best income tax help.  Only after this investigation is completed will any tax expert be able to predict what type of tax resolution you are eligible and likely to be accepted into.  Tax companies that make promises of “pennies-on-the-dollar” resolutions are not telling the truth to their clients.

After a financial investigation, a professional tax company will help you draft the appropriate request to the IRS for a tax settlement.  An investigation of income tax helps the experts pinpoint the correct information to provide the IRS to grant the best chances of having a resolution accepted.  Tax experts will also be able to help prevent and stop tax liens and levies after a thorough investigation.

Call now for help with your income taxes problems.  Acting immediately is the only way to know that you have not waited too long to become compliant with the IRS.  Once the federal government commences tax collections, your back taxes problem only get more difficult to resolve.  A professional tax company can take control of your IRS debt problem and get you the relief you need.  Call now for a free consultation.

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